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15 Car Gifts Going Down a Storm This Christmas

As we all know, Christmas 2021 is upon us, and although we are not so keen on the weather, we are definitely fans of the presents and a ridiculous Christmas jumper. However, there is always a question of what to get to a car-crazed family member, partner or friend. Struggling? Here's our list of 15 Christmas gifts for car enthusiasts going down a storm.

1) Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 is the latest in a long line of exceptional driving games by Playground Games. Horizon 4 was set in England, but Horizon 5 has moved to Mexico and features over 500 vehicles and the biggest open-world map yet. This title will provide the player with countless hours of fun exploring the vast world of sandy beaches and endless highways and racing with friends over the online system. A great way to spend those long winter evenings.

2) Lego Technic Lamborghini Sian

Even though some people think that Legos are only for the little ones, the Technics series with a lineup of fantastically recreated exotic machines are made for car-loving adults. Take the Lamborghini Sian, for example. It is an engineering masterpiece with exactly 3,696 pieces, working components and extensive assembly instructions. It is so detailed and amazing that it will take the whole family a couple of days to complete the build.

3) Bond Cars: The Definitive History

A book is always an excellent idea for a gift, especially nowadays where printed media is losing the battle with digital formats. Our pick for Christmas 2021 is Bond Cars: The Definitive History. It is a superbly written retrospective of all important cars used in James Bond movies since 1962, including never before seen photos and documents. A must for any Bond fanatic and car enthusiast out there.

4) De-Icer Mitt

Everybody who, at least once, tried to scrape the ice from a frozen windscreen knows the worth of this simple but finger-saving gift. Affordable but tremendously practical, the de-icer mitt is something you keep in your glove box or boot and will make those January mornings a bit easier and comfortable. Recommended item for everybody who drives a lot during the winter.

5) Storm Indoor And Outdoor Car Covers

One of the best things you can get for a car enthusiast is a car cover. Guys (and girls) who love their machines are always concerned about protecting and keeping them safe from the elements. When they find one of our Storm car covers under the Christmas tree, they will be thrilled not just because it is a tremendous and usable gift but also because somebody understands their passion and dedication to keeping their ride in like-new condition. Fortunately, Storm has a wide selection of all kinds of car covers so that you can shop with confidence.

We have two types of indoor car covers available, the Sahara indoor dust covers and our highly desirable Kalahari bespoke fleece covers. In addition, we also offer four types of outdoor car covers, Voyager lightweight covers, Monsoon winter covers, Stormforce breathable waterproof covers, and our latest (Teflon® coated) bespoke Apollo range of covers for the ultimate in exterior protection for your vehicle.

6) Bentley Momentum Unbreakable Eau De Toilette

Car people love car-branded merchandise, and this aftershave is a perfect example. With great scent and elegant packaging, it is a tasteful gift for Bentley fans in your life and a great way to start the Bentley collection, which one day will hopefully result in a real one in the garage.

7) Diptyque Car Diffuser

After making sure that the person you care about smells great, this gift makes sure that the car that person drives also possesses a pleasant scent in the interior. Forget the cheap air fresheners from the petrol station. This is a proper perfume for the car straight from Paris with a long-lasting and unmistakable smell.


8) Nextbase 622GW Dashcam

Some people think that dashcams should be installed in every vehicle on the road. Even though we don’t share the same idea, they are immensely practical and helpful. Not just for recording your best lap on a local track day outing but also for insurance purposes. Perfect gift for the enthusiast who spends a lot of time in traffic.

9) Subscription For a Car Magazine

Even though car magazines took a big hit when internet sites took over, they are still published and informative as ever. Some of the best journalists out there still prefer car magazines over online media so getting a yearly subscription to car magazine of choice is a thoughtful gift for Christmas. Not just because collecting car magazines is (still) cool but also because they can enjoy them on a monthly basis for a whole year.

10) Voucher For Racing School

Every car enthusiast is a wannabe racing driver, whether they admit it or not. If you want to help them channel their inner Hamilton or unleash their Senna, why not get them a voucher for a racing school for Christmas? They might have to wait until the spring to use it, but the wait will be worth it.


11) Tool Kit

The old mechanics used to say that you can never have enough tools. A well-equipped tool kit is a great thing to find under a Christmas tree since it is also helpful and thoughtful and can inspire him or her to dedicate more effort and become a proper mechanic.

12) Compete Car Care Kit

Cleaning and polishing a car is a favourite pastime of any car lover, so why not gift them a complete car care kit with all the shampoos, wax and polish products they need to keep their car sparkling. There are numerous products on the market, and you can choose between amateur and professional kits with dozens of add-ons.

13) Die-Cast Model

First of all, die-cast models are not toys, and car enthusiasts consider them collectible pieces of modern art which are proudly displayed on the shelves or the desks. The good thing is that even if you don’t find the exact car they have in the scaled-down version, you can get them a car they secretly desire.

14) Leather Driving Gloves

This stylish and classic gift never goes out of style. A pair of well-crafted driving gloves suit the owner of a classic car perfectly. The feel when you grab the wooden steering wheel with fine leather driving gloves is hard to describe. Numerous styles and designs are available, and you cannot go wrong with this one.

15) Project Car

What to get for a person who is crazy about cars, have a garage, mechanical knowledge, tools, a bigger budget and nerves to tinker around with rusty old metal? Of course, a project car! Yes, we understand that it will be a bit problematic to place under a Christmas tree, but parking it in the driveway will be good enough. A project car is a great gift as long as you don’t overspend on a rust bucket that will take millions to get back on the road. Also, be sure to include a Storm car cover to help keep it preserved while undergoing restoration.