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Five things that ruin your custom paint job

Five things that ruin your custom paint job

Your paint job is part of your car’s personality and by extension, yours too. Whether you’re  a super cool viper green kind of person or a suave and sophisticated stone silver, you’ll want your car’s paint job to look its best for the longest time possible.

It’s a catch 22 - you don’t want to hide your car away in the garage but you don’t want to have it on show too much in case of environmental damage. But is there anything in the UK that could significantly damage your car’s paint job? It’s not like we have server weather!

Unfortunately, yes.

Here are 5 unexpected factors that could cause significant damage to your paint job?

Tree sap

If your neighbourhood has a sycamore tree nearby, you’ll understand the plight of tree sap. Not only does it act as an adhesive for dust, leaves and other debris, tree sap can also leave a lasting mark on your paint job.  

Whilst tree sap can be almost invisible before it builds up, its sticky surface makes your paint job feel rough to the touch. Washing this built up sap could cause scratches with dust and debris that has got stuck to the sticky glaze.

Removing sap quickly and safely is the key to beating its impact, but that isn’t exactly an option when you’re one foot out of the door and on your way to work! Naturally we’d suggest a car cover during the season, but if you’re already plighted by tree sap you’ll need a car safe tar remover to get rid of it.

Morning coffee

Are you guilty of being a total butter fingers? Clumsy morning commutes often start by fumbling for your keys which may lead a few accidental coffee spillages on your car door. No big deal, right?

Well, coffee is actually acidic. Over time, the same repetitive motion will begin to fade your paint job in one patch. Obviously when you’re on the way to work, you don’t have the time to quickly wipe down your car, so our suggestion would be prevention rather than cure – a sturdy travel mug that won’t spill is your best option!

Bird muck

Have you ever got to the end of washing your car, only for the local gang of pigeons to add their own finishing touch? Unfortunately, just like coffee, bird excrement is acidic and can have a lasting impact on your car’s paint job. If left, the repetitive effect can fade and blemish paint jobs over time, giving them a ‘blotchy’ finish that is noticeable from afar.

Long haul travel

It’s no secret that not all roads were created equal. If you’re driving down dusty country lanes or gritty motor ways, you may notice a significant decline in your paint job. Little scratches can soon become a big pain, especially if your car is your prized possession.  Consider taking it easy on problem roads and taking a few protective measures. Most importantly of all, contact your local council if the roads are particularly treacherous.

Relentless rain

Whilst a little rain itself isn’t going to strip your perfect paint job, a build up of water damage could make blemishes even when eventually washed away.

Obviously it rains a lot in the UK! That said the build up of water spots could leave minerals stuck to your bodywork that are particularly hard to remove. You can’t wash your car after every downpour, but you can keep it covered up.


If you have troublesome neighbours or leave your car out during Halloween, you may find that someone has played a cruel trick on you.

Unfortunately these pesky pranksters often don’t understand how much damage they could be doing. If left til morning, the amino acids and sulphur content in egg could dramatically alter the look of your paint job. Fading, bleaching and causing serious damage to your car. Whilst you can often get them to pick up the bill, you have to first prove that the damage was done by them and getting a new paint job will take time.

If left long enough, the corrosive nature of eggs could leave a noticeable difference in the colour of your paint job.


Not everything is out to get your paint job, but it seems quite a few things are! Prevention is of course often better than a cure, particularly when paint jobs are so costly. Contact Storm Car Covers today to protect your paint job from harm, no matter what comes your way.