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Outdoor Car Covers

APOLLO Bespoke (Teflon® Coated) Waterproof Outdoor Car Covers (Special Order)

The Storm Apollo car cover utilises an exciting fabric that is ultra heavy duty and treated with a Teflon® coating. This allows water droplets to bead on top of the fabric and simply run off.

They are constructed from a military specification fabric that is extremely robust, hard wearing and will provide the highest level of outdoor protection in any climate. These covers are made to order in our UK factory & delivery time is usually 2-3 weeks.

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Stormforce Waterproof Breathable Outdoor Car Covers.

The Stormforce Luxury Car Cover is our bestseller for a good reason, it's made from a brilliant new breathable and waterproof fabric that is perfect for outdoor and indoor use. The Stormforce Luxury Car Cover will afford maximum vehicle protection for your car all year round.

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Monsoon Waterproof Winter Outdoor car covers.

Monsoon Waterproof Car Covers are best for long term outdoor storage where buying a totally waterproof car cover is important to provide your painted and chromed surfaces maximum protection. The Monsoon is a winter car cover for use in temperatures below 70f / 21c. If you require a year round cover, we suggest that a Stormforce cover would be a better option.

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Voyager Lightweight Outdoor Car Covers.

Voyager Lightweight Car Covers can be used both indoors and outdoors. Their breathability, water resistance and high UV protection make them a favourite choice for daily driven cars and medium-term storage, where a totally waterproof car cover is not required.  

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