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Why You Should Buy From Us -


We're experts at providing quality indoor and outdoor car covers. We've got a wide range of waterproof, lightweight, heavy duty and breathable car covers. Our car covers are the perfect car accessory for anyone looking to protect their pride and joy.

Our car covers come in a variety of colours such as red, grey, green and black. You will also get a storage bag for on-the-go trips as well as for times your cover is not in use.

We have a cover to fit everyone, whether you're looking for UV protection, mirror pockets, windscreen cover or just a tight bespoke tailor-made cover; we have it all.

Indoor Car Covers:

We have two types of indoor car covers, Sahara and Kalahari. They are great in all temperatures and they are all tailored to fit as well as fully breathable. Each cover offers a different type of protection as well as different ranges in colours.

Outdoor Car Covers:

We also have four types of outdoor car covers, Stormforce, Monsoon, Voyager and the New teflon coated Apollo. All three covers are full ultraviolet resistant, great for long term outdoor storage, highly water resistant or waterproof and washable.

All of our covers come with 12 months warranty and are made of quality materials to ensure you can protect your car with ultimate protection.

We sell a range of car cover accessories to help protect your vehicle, ranging from car cover lock and cable kits to dust removal brushes. Click here for our car cover accessories.