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Industrial and Commercial Bespoke Covers

While our main business is car and motorcycle covers we have been manufacturing bespoke covers for a wide range of commercial customers for many years.

Below is a selection of some of the commercial sectors we have worked with and our areas of expertise:


  • Agriculture vehicle & implement covers

  • Tractor covers

  • Tractor wheel covers

  • Classic tractor covers

  • Trailer covers

  • Horsebox covers

Farm Machinery Cover


  • X-ray scanner covers (Luggage)

  • X-ray scanner covers (Personnel)

  • Airline handing equipment covers

  • Airport transport pod covers

  • Airside equipment covers

  • Snow clearance equipment covers

Glider Cover


    • Boats Covers

    • Jetski Covers

    • Outboard Covers

    Outboard Cover


      • Protective covers for earthmovers, JCB’s, plant and equipment

      JCB Cover

        Health Care:

        • MRI Machine covers

        • Scanner covers

        • Specialist equipment covers

        • Protective padded mats

        Machinery Covers

          Machinery and Manufacturing:

          • Fork lift covers

          • Industrial machine covers

          • Bespoke transport covers

          • Industrial printer covers

          • Pipe bending machine covers

          • Tool chest covers

          • Generator covers

          JCB Generators Manor Renewable Energy


            Something Different:

            Big Red Teapot Cover


            Double Decker Bus Cover