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The car covers we stock will ensure that your Volkswagen car is protected and kept safe from damage. We offer a Volkswagen car cover to perfectly suit your storage preferences. The Kalahari and Sahara covers offer perfect protection indoors while the Monsoon winter car cover will provide perfect protection for your Volkswagen outdoors.

If you wish to protect your vehicle in different environments, the Stormforce and Voyager covers are versatile and adaptable in any conditions. Our car cover brands are specifically chosen for their unique benefits.

The Volkswagen Polo is one of the most popular and reliable hatchbacks available on the market. In order to get the most out of your Polo, you need to keep it safe from damage.

Our Volkswagen Polo car covers will help protect your vehicle from damage to the greatest extent possible. Similarly, we offer Volkswagen Golf car covers to maintain maximum performance for your Volkswagen Golf all year round. The Volkswagen Beetle looks its best when it’s squeaky clean. In order to keep your Beetle looking this way, choose one of our premium car covers below.

VW Campervan Covers:

The Volkswagen Type 2 is arguably the worlds most famous and popular camper vans. If you keep your Volkswagen Camper parked up for long periods of time, it’s important that you cover it to prevent damage and wear, which can build quickly if left unattended. Your new VW campervan cover will significantly help to prevent any damage and keep your Volkswagen camper looking great.

To discover how each cover will protect your Volkswagen, read our detailed comparison guide.