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Beat the car thieves – our top four tips

Your car is important to you. It’s how you get the kids to school, how you get your big shop done, and something you have spent a lot of money on. So imagine if it was stolen from your driveway – it can cause a whole host of problems.

What can you do to ensure that your car is safe at home?

Don’t advertise your belongings

Some people choose to leave valuable items in their car for the next time they’ll use them. It may be that you leave your laptop on the backseat for work the next day, or maybe you just can’t be bothered taking your expensive radio out.

Leaving valuables on show is like turning your car into a shop window for thieves. You’re asking for them to come and have a go.

Remember - if it’s valuable, don’t leave it on show.  

Install an alarm

Car thieves like to know that they aren’t going to attract any attention when they’re stealing a car. That’s why they often go for vehicles with little to no security. Make sure that they know that if they try and break into your car, an alarm will go off.

Put stickers on the car telling any would-be thief that the car is alarmed and they won’t go near it.

Hide your keys

A technique that many car thieves employ is called letterbox fishing. They will create a tool with which they can fish the keys out from next to your door and through the letter box, making breaking into the car easy as pie.

Make sure your car keys are kept out of reach of anything a thief might slip through your letterbox.

Cover it up

Many thieves head out and look for specific makes and models. Cars they know they can use in certain scenarios. Make it difficult for them to spot what type of car you have with one of our car covers.

Not only do they cover your car completely, but they also suggest to thieves that you probably have more significant security measures in place.

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