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Taking care of your car's paint job

Whether you own a classic car or something a little more modern, it’s important to keep the paint job looking pristine. If it starts to wear or rust, you could end up spending a serious amount of money to replace or repair it.

But how do you maintain the paint job on your car?

Wash with the right tools

When washing your car you need to make sure that you’re using the right tools. Purchase a paint-safe microfiber washing mitt and cleaning products that have been designed for use on vehicles. Using products that haven’t been designed for use on vehicles or of your own concoction could cause the paint some serious damage rather than clean it, so be careful!

Always dry

You may be tempted to leave the car to dry on its own when you have finished washing, we advise against this. It may cause water spots – mineral deposits that outline drops of water on the paint job. Use 100% cotton cloths or chamois to dry the car. Anything containing polyester or microfiber could scratch the paint surface.

Dull paint

If the paint still looks dull on your vehicle it is because your car has old, oxidized paint. To resolve this issue you can either use car polish, cleaner, or a rubbing compound. These products will remove dull paint in varying degrees.

Polish will remove the least, rubbing compounds the most – so make sure you pick the right product for you.

Wax on, wax of

If you want to protect the paint job on your car, then you must wax it. There are a range of waxes on the market so pick yours carefully.

Cover up

And lastly, make sure you cover your car with one of our quality, bespoke car covers when it’s not in use. This will ensure that the elements don’t take their toll on your wonderful paint job.