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Car Cover Comparison

Warranty  -All of our Car Covers come with a minimum of 12 months standard warranty against manufacturing defects or faulty materials. We also offer extended warranty which offers you additional cover against unforeseen damage and accidents.

Sturdy Zipped Storage Bag  -All of our Car Covers come with a sturdy zipped storage bag, which can be used to securely store your car cover when it is not being used.

Ultraviolet Resistance  -All of our Car Covers are fitted with a mixture of silicone based polymers which are forced into the fabric of individual, providing great UV protection. Voyager car cover is advised for additional UV protection.

Can Be Fitted to a Wet Car  -Apollo, Stormforce and Voyager can be fitted easily onto wet cars. The fabric allows the car to dry, even when it is attached, to prevent rust, condensation and mould. Sahara and Monsoon cannot be fitted onto wet cars because they are not breathable. If these are fitted, whilst wet, it might leave your car with watermarks, which can then damage the paint job.

Choice of Colours  - Kalahari; Black, Wine, Navy Blue, Green, Silver, Red. Royal Blue, Yellow, Orange and Light Blue Apollo; Black, Green, Red, Grey

For Use in Below 21°C -All our covers are suitable for use in below 21°C weather, however, you might be better off purchasing a Car Cover that is specific to the temperatures you might require. For example; Monsoon as a winter cover and Voyager for a hotter climate.

Suitable for All Temperatures  -Most of our Car Covers are suitable for use in all temperatures. They are made to protect against hot sunshine, rain, hail, snow, frost, dust and more. It's worth noting that this applies to all covers, except Monsoon.

Suits Extreme Temperatures  -The ticked car covers are resilient and suitable for any extreme temperatures.

Best for Daily Driven Cars  - Short term use applies to cars that are driven daily. Long term use applies to cars that serve as a second car or for collection and rarely driven.

Frequent or Long-Term Use  -The frequent covers can be used for cars that are driven daily, whilst the long-term use covers are perfect for cars that are in storage or collectables.

Long-Term Outdoor Storage  -We have worked hard to make sure that our unique designs result in the production of high quality, totally waterproof and breathable Car Covers. Other features that make these covers perfect for long-term outdoor storage are water resistance and UV Protection.

Fully Tailored Stretch Fit -Our car covers have a certain amount of stretch in them. This then allows for an easy fit onto the contours of your vehicle.

Tailored Fit  -All of our Car Covers are perfectly tailored to fit the specific car model.

Layer Construction  -We offer covers with a variety of layer construction, depending on the type of car cover, that feature a strong and robust outer layer, padded second layer, soft inner lining and a waterproof/breathable membrane. The layers are bound together to make a fabric that has a sturdy and padded feel. It's worth noting that a Multi-Layer and Teflon Coated construction provides additional protection against stains, marks and water.

Polar Fleece Construction  -The Kalahari Stretch Polar Fleece has a similar appearance to high-quality sportswear that stretches to fit your skin, like a glove, which means that once fitted onto a car it accentuates the curves and lines.

Plain or Contrasting Piping  - Kalahari Piping colours; Black, Wine, Red, Navy, Green, Silver, Yellow, White and Blue

Heat Sealed Seams -Our Monsoon Car Cover is fitted with double stitching and heated sealed seams to complete the waterproofing and ensure its unrivalled strength.

Fully Breathable -Some of our car covers are fully breathable, allowing condensation to evaporate and not form on your windows and windscreens.

Washable  -All of our Car Covers are washable as per the manufacturer’s instructions (Instructions included in package).

Fully Waterproof  -All of our waterproof covers have been uniquely designed. The latest modern materials combine to make a tough waterproof outer skin with a soft non-woven lining for maximum protection.

Highly Water Resistant  -Our highly water resistant covers repel water whilst allowing air to circulate inside, leaving the car dry and cool.

Suitable for all Seasons  -All of our Car Covers are designed to be suitable for a variety of seasons. The double stitched hems allow for a longer life and all year round protection. It's worth noting that Monsoon is mostly used for temperatures below 70f/21c.

Luxury Indoor Protection  -Kalahari is the ultimate luxury indoor protection cover; the fabric is a stretch variety with a skin tight fit. We use a soft fleece lined fabric to make the covers durable and ecologically friendly.

Quality Indoor Protection  -Our Sahara and Kalahari have been uniquely designed to serve as both long and short term indoor storage. The cover protects your car for many years against dust, dirt and paintwork scuffs.

Roof Vents -Roof vents are fitted to assist dispersal of damp and condensation

 Optional Locking Kit  -All of our outdoor covers are fitted with eyelets that can be found at the lower hems of the covers, this is to attach an optional non-scratch nylon coated steel cable. It's worth noting that padlocks are included in the Kit.

Super Strong  -All of our covers are normally strong, however, for some of our covers we use welded seams and double stitching wherever possible which make them incredibly strong.

UK Made to Order  -Our made to order car covers are made in the UK to your specification. Once your order has been placed the delivery time can be anything from 2 to 3 weeks.