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How to reduce car storage issues like moisture and condensation (2021) - Storm Car Covers

How to reduce car storage issues like moisture and condensation (2021) - Storm Car Covers

Want more vehicle storage tips?
Then you are in the right place.
Because today I'm going to share a few of our tips for reducing condensation in your stored vehicle.
Springtime gives us unpredictable and dramatic variations in temperatures from night to daytime. The weather often seems dry and you can even feel a little warmth in the early spring sunshine but there is always moisture in the UK atmosphere. This atmospheric combination creates ideal conditions for condensation, even for cars kept outside under car covers.
Condensation occurs when there is a dramatic change of air temperature and the cooling of the air encourages water vapour to change into liquid. These droplets of water appear on cold surfaces including the inside of car windscreens and on painted surfaces.
Condensation and moisture inside a car can lead to several problems including mould and mildew. This can be greatly reduced if a few simple steps are followed.
The first step is to check your interior mats and carpets to see if they are wet. Overtime these usually soak up moisture from wet shoes and boots and become soggy. These should be removed from the vehicle and allowed to dry naturally.
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Also remember to remove any damp dog towels, or wet coats and wellington boots from the inside of your vehicle, including the boot, as these will also exasperate the situation.
The second step in reducing condensation within your vehicle cabin is to clean your glass. Mould spores will attach easily to dirt and debris on the surface of dirty glass, these spores in turn encourage water droplets to form exasperating the situation. Remember to open the windows slightly and clean the dirty marks left where the glass closes in the seals using a quality automotive designed glass cleaner and microfibre cloth.
Step four, place some reusable silica gel sachets in your vehicles cabin, these will help absorb the moisture and act as a dehumidifier, preventing mould and mildew from developing. These sachets can be refreshed by drying them out in the microwave or airing cupboard (please follow manufacturers instructions).
Step five, If you are leaving the car for a couple of weeks or more, leave the windows very slightly cracked open. This will prevent a ‘microclimate’ forming inside the car as the days start warming up in springtime. 
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Step six, also consider investing in a quality breathable car cover.
Our best outdoor Stormforce car covers are fully breathable and are designed to allow air to flow between the car cover and the covered vehicle. This reduces the chance of condensation as the air temperature is more stable and consistent. You may still see some condensation form on the bodywork but with the right car cover, this will be significantly reduced, eventually escaping through the cover by evaporating once the atmospheric conditions change.
The changing of our seasons has a huge effect on air temperatures leading to a water laden atmosphere. Spring brings with it the right conditions for a lot of condensation to develope as there are greater extremes between day and over night temperatures, but the warmer temperature also aids the process of drying on a good day.
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At Storm Car Covers we advise all of our customers to lift the car cover frequently, this allows and encourages air flow, inspect and clean any debris from the surface once a month.  In spring just like any of our seasons, take some time to check and ensure your car is well protected.
If you have concerns and questions about vehicle storage, condensation and the protection our breathable car covers can offer, please contact us or call to chat through your requirements.
We are always here and happy to help.


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