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How to effectively defrost your windscreen.

How to effectively defrost your windscreen.

How to effectively defrost your windscreen.

1. Warm water method.

This is an easy and obvious way to clear frost and ice from your windscreen, the key is to make sure the water is not boiling! If the water is too hot, it could actually crack the glass and cause damage. Once you have poured the water over the windscreen, wipe away the slush with a scraper.

 2. Use a de-icer.

Pair up a de-icer with a scraper and the ice will come right off. The trick is to use a fair amount of de-icer, as the process usually takes longer than the warm water method.

 3. Using your vehicles heating system.

While you work on the outside of the vehicle, you should start the engine, switch on the heating and turn on your heated screens. This will warm up the inside of the glass, air conditioning will help keep the cold glass free from mist.

 4. Prevention.

To avoid all the above and stay warmer, cover your vehicle with a Storm Car Covers Apollo, Stormforce or Monsoon car cover over night and stop your windows freezing in the first place. The next morning just remove your car cover and go.

No scraping, no warm water, no frozen wiper blades, no frozen door rubbers and no fuss.

Storm Car Covers, providing maximum protection for your car, from the elements, 365 days a year.