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Top 50 automobile blogs

Top 50 automobile blogs

Sub Zero is first and foremost most a car site, more specifically a site for fast cars. They offer feedback on a variety of brands (Mercedes, BMW, Audi and so much more). The good thing about this site is that they don’t just focus on 4 wheels vehicles they also do motorcycles, watches and the latest in technology devices. Sub Zero mainly focuses on luxury products, although they do not actually sell these it’s always good to look at.

Road and Track is an automobile magazine website and caters to readers but on and offline. Their target audience are almost entirely automobile enthusiasts looking to share their experiences or to learn from other people’s experiences. The site shares stories from their readers and also post entertaining content and racing coverage.


Motor Authority as the name suggests is a luxury motor information centre. Focusing on the latest motor related news their audience include motor enthusiasts, first time buyers and industry professionals. The content on their site mostly includes reviews and car related photos and videos.


Motor trend is an automobile magazine that provides its audience with reviews and road tests of vehicles that are then published every month. These road tests are designed to give readers enough information to come to an informed decision on whether to purchase a vehicle or not. The magazine also created a ‘Car of the Year’ award that they present to the car or truck or SUV that they deem to best the best of the year after numerous testing and reviews.


Jalopnik focuses on the latest news relating to cars, motorcycles, technology and more. From reviewing cars to advising first time buyers they cover a broad range of automobile related content in an honest and nonbiased way.

Car Scoops

Car Scoops are a passionate automobile site that focuses mostly on luxury automobiles. The site produces the latest news in the automobile industry for sneak peeks to recall announcements. Staying on the topic of cars they also provide their readers with the latest car production ideas and concepts as well as car related videos and games.

The Truth About Cars

The Truth About Cars are first and foremost a review site, they provide their readers with tips and advice, reviews and editorials. As a review site the pull no punches providing their readers with all the information good and bad. The backgrounds of its editors vary widely so their readers can be informed on an automobile from different points of view.

Unlike the automobile sites we’ve covered so far Hemmings Daily provides its readers with the latest content relating to classic cars. A collector’s enthusiast’s site these guys work hard to earn that title by publishing related content and sharing stories, experiences and advice from readers.

Motorlogy is an automotive news site that publishes any news worthy material relating to the automotive industry. They advice car buys and questions to ask, they suggest ethical ways of dealing with accidents, they address eco friendly cars and much more. As far as automotive sites go it looks pretty basic but the material on the site is worth the read and you never know you might learn something new.

Indian Autos Blog

Publishing the latest in automobile news and offering reviews the Indian Auto Blog too the first steps in 2008 to educating fellow countrymen on up to date news relating to the automobile industry. From cars, to motorcycles to SUVs to reviews these guys cover a variety of topics within the industry.

Car Throttle

Although Car Throttle started out as a blog for car enthusiasts to stay u to date on the latest news in the industry they have grown to be one of the largest automobile community platforms around right now. They have created a platform for enthusiasts to communicate directly with each other sharing news, photos, videos and advice.

Richard Aucock

Richard Aucock is a motoring journalist with a lifetime obsession with cars. He served as the chairman on the Guild of Motoring Writers and is currently the Managing director at Motoring Research. It’s also worth noting that Richard has won various awards for his contributions to the motoring industry. His website covers a wide range of topics relating to the industry. From the latest news to road tests to reviewing and recalls Richard’s a one stop shop for automobile related material.

The Checkered Flag

Since 2009 The Checked Flag has been providing its readers with the absolute best and latest in the world of Motor sport. Their aim is to fill in the gap that has been left my main stream media by focusing on providing coverage of up and coming talent and events around the world.

Is an automobile platform that should really be class as a community. Their website focuses mostly on cars, vans, classic cars and motor bikes. They have a forum for their readers to communicate directly with each other and to leave reviews of automobile products. The site also accommodates for its users to ask related questions regarding recent purchases and more.

Capturing the car world from a small office in a rural office in Essex Cars UK are a home grown site sharing news and other information from the automobile industry to their readers, we should mention that although they are based in the UK the content of the site are targeted at readers in the UK and the rest of the world. Cars UK also pride themselves on being able to open an effective line of communication between the administrators and their readers even opening the floor up to suggestions on creating better content.

Speed Monkey

Started by Matt Hubbard in 2012 after attending Le Mans. This site has grown to what it is now and is still growing, at the moment the site mainly focuses on advice for buyers and Road tests. Matt also publishes industry related news along with YouTube videos to go with the release of reviews. His reviews are honest and straight to the point it’s obvious his only allegiance is to the sanctity of his site.


Car News, Car Reviews and Motor Sport, these are the main focuses of Carwitter. They try their best to avoid using motoring lingo and oblique descriptions. Priding themselves on being straight to the point and waffle free. As well as reviewing cars and publishing news Carwitter also covers monthly motor sport action, along with product reviews and driving experiences features.

Drivers Republic

Skiddmark is an automotive publication dedicated to sharing the latest in automobile news, reviews and other related content. They also feature insights from industry professionals and stories from other enthusiasts. They also provide insight into the world of motorsport including Formula 1 and GT racing among others.

Run by people who love cars for people who love cars, Car blog shares their passion for cars to readers who also have a passion for cars. They cover new car models, news from manufactures, vehicle parts and so much more. They pride themselves on being able to provide their customers with the best in reviews, news and advice all for free. From safety videos to leasing and insurance advice these guys cover topics any car enthusiasts would find at least interesting if not useful.

Top Speed

Based in US Top Speed is your one stop shop for everything automotive. They launched in 1995 and since then been a major player in the automobile publication industry. From cars to trucks to motorcycles and even boats they bring their customers the best and latest in news and reviews. They also regularly have live coverage of auto shows including Beijing, Frankfurt and Geneva among others. They’ve also got car games for when you’re bored at work and need some form of entertainment.

EGM Car Tech

There’s another one stop shop for all automobile related news and reviews. Whilst they do concentrate on cars in general they also have a section dedicated to eco friendly vehicles, this section focuses on electric and hybrid car review and news.

Green Car Reports

Green Care Reports as the name suggests is dedicated to eco friendly vehicles, they cover anything related to ‘green cars’ and review a variety of brands. They drive all green cars and review them offering advice and tips for customers intending to buy a green car. The site also keeps owners of green cars up to date with the latest news and other information they might need.

Driving Spirit

We have got ourselves another Motor writer, Chris focuses on a specific niche within motoring ‘Affordable Fun’. A majority of the automobile sites out there mostly focus on the cars that a majority of us can barely afford, Chris realises that instead of looking at cars that you and afford and feeling sad about it how about focusing on cars that people can afford and have fun in. With that in mind the site focuses on the cars that are affordable to its readers and are still fun.

Drive Me Online

Drive Me Online is an online publication that specialises in popular car reviews. Test driving a wide range of cars from Audi to the latest 2016 Infiniti to a Toyota Prius. The site also compares the best deals in the local area and a dealer’s directory so readers can contact dealers directly.

Despite the name this is an independent publication dedicated o the brand that is Mercedes. It contains information about the brand that readers might find useful. They publish information about the models, latest news, motor sports and even their history.

Ride Story

Ride Story is dedicated to car lovers, people that feel an emotional connection with their cars. Most site review, rate, advice and more but these guys dive into the branding, concepts and developments that lead to the actual finished product. They also encourage their readers to share their motor related stories whilst adding the latest in reviews and maintenance tips.

Hybrid SUV

Another Green vehicle site, Hybrid SUV have been publishing materials on green vehicles since 2007. They cover everything relating to Green Vehicles and emphasise on the benefits of switching (Cost, utility and popularity). They also review eco friendly cars and even offer an option to take an SUV on a virtual driving test.

Automo Blog

Automoblog is a culture and lifestyle publication dedicated to the latest in technology and vehicles. As an automobile publication they focus on the latest trends, vehicle specification, reviews and the motoring industry in general.

Motorhead Mama

We discovered this blog when we were researching the blogs to cover in the post and instantly fell in love with it. I find myself actually interested and invested in her stories. I have been binge reading her Dude, or Douchebag series with great interest although automobiles are not really a topic to gets laughs from she actually manages to be funny in most of her posts which just makes it worthwhile for me.

Front Seat Driver

Front Seat Driver is an intricate website focused on reviewing the latest releases and road tests. They also offer tips and advice for first time buyers to be able to make an informed decision before buying any vehicles. In addition to all that they also offer sponsored competition to their readers for chances to win automobile relater gifts. The site is run by Phil Huff a motoring writer.

Car and Driver

Car and Driver are an automobile company based in the US that specialise in sales and leasing of automotive. They also regularly publish an online blog which focuses on reviews and road tests on a wide range brands. These reviews are not only fully detailed they are also more than likely to have a video attached you can experience some of the trills second hand.

The Weekly Driver

The weekly driver is a review of new cars by automotive journey James Raia, the site also contains industry related news and videos. since 2003 the site has one way or the other been in circulation to its dedicate readers. the reviews on this website are extremely detailed and objective with a lot of videos.

Hot Rod are a magazine company, their site features new car review, personal projects, how-to posts and videos. They also regularly update their readers with the latest in industry news and new technology. It also acts as a platform for car enthusiasts to exchange stories and advice.

Girl Racer is an online magazine that caters mostly to the female automotive enthusiasts. They review cars and perform road tests, the site is also big on Motor shows and motorsports with regular life coverage and competitions. The reviews featured on this site is fully detailed which leaves no room for misinterpretations leaving the audience to make an informed decision.

Aronline are a weekly automotive site that regularly updates its readers on the latest in the automobile industry, they also host an online community where members can talk and share pictures of their cars. They also feature road tests, facts and figures on sales, production and the history of certain brands and mode.

Automotive Blog

Automotive blog is a site dedicated to anything and everything automotive, they provide the latest industry news and car reviews. Their automotive videos can be quite entertaining from surprise celebrity drivers to trailers of new Top Gear episodes.

Petrol Blog

PetrolBlog is apparently is not ashamed to admit it’s a blog and I don’t know why it should be. They offer new car reviews and their blog provides insights, help and advice for drivers. They also dedicate a section to early car models, cars from the 70’s and 80’s.

The Car Experts

The Car Experts was founded in 2011 and since then been acting as an advice blog for car buyers. They pride themselves on being for the people which means that they offer advice to buyers on how not to get ripped off. They also offer advice, news and information on the automotive world.

Green Motor is another eco friendly site dedicated to reviewing and discussing green cars. Electric, Plug-in and Hybrids are just some of the cars that are on review.

Green Car Congress

Their mission is to provide high quality and timely content about a number of options available to car buyers in terms of energy, technology and policies that relate to sustainable mobility. Green Car Congress are well on their way to becoming a platform on which readers can go for useful information, interactions, personal experiences and news relating to sustainable mobility.

Wild SAU

Wildsua is a blog and review site focusing on a broad spectrum of cars form Toyotas to porches to BMWs. Tom Sedens the author of the site although not a professional car guy he just wants to share his love for cars and driving which is what i think makes this site worth reading. And if you want to take a break from cars for a bit he also updates his readers with aspects of his life and family.

Clean Fleet Report

Clean Fleet Repost s another green site dedicated to sustainable mobility. They focus on electric, hybrid, clean diesel and high-MPG vehicles. The site gives their readers all the information they need to switch to green cars and trucks. They consider all angles from the mirages to fuel cells and clean diesels.

Car Type

CarType is a website that features a comprehensive collection of car companies and model histories, company logos and designs and much more. They focus on just about anything that is car related.

Motor Ward

Motor Ward focuses on automobile news, views and guides. Since their launch in 2008 they have been providing their readers with the latest in news and trends in the automotive world. The main aim of this site is to increase public knowledge of cars and everything related to them.

My Car Heaven

My car Heaven is all about the racing life, so for them it’s either a fast car or it’s not a car. They publish material relating to classic cars, supercars and hypercars. They also offer car advice and a ton load of images to while away the time. It is also worth noting that they have a section dedicated to Fantasy Garages and Road Trips.

Car Enthusiast

Car Enthusiasts are a news and review site for automobiles, they offer the latest in industry news and car reviews from various brands. They also avid publishers of motor show content including photos and live coverage.

Cars and Life

Uygar Kilic is a car and lifestyle blogger, haven been in love with cars from an early age he has gone on to publish car related content for car enthusiasts. The site mainly focuses on the latest luxury vehicles including Mclarens and Bugattis.

Drive Write is run by a motoring writer and photographer Geoff Maxted, the site features photos, videos, reviews, industry related issues and other things related to life in general. The site also features tips for new drivers on a wide variety of driving topics.

Celebrity Cars Blog

The Celebrity Car Blog focuses on exactly what you’d expect: Celebrities and their cars! Bringing you the latest news on everything your favourite celebrity is doing with their car. The site also features a section for celebrity’s cars that have been sold. If you find yourself bored at work or just generally staving for something to do the website also contains music videos and other information that readers might find entertaining.

Motor Paper is a UK blog with a boot load of articles, lists, reviews and trivia all written by motoring experts, enthusiasts, petrol heads and general crazy fanatics. Founder Joseph Cann created the site with the aim of presenting automotive content in a new and refreshing way enabling the community to quickly and easily join the conversation on site!