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Storm Wheel Covers

Wheel Cover Sets (4) Wheel covers help to protect your beloved wheels from weather damage, dirt, theft and scratches. Ultimately they’ll help you preserve the condition of your wheels. As most cars are stored outside, wheel covers are the best way to protect against the constant weather conditions they endure. Your wheel is likely made from aluminium or steel and some may even be painted. Left unprotected, the damage caused to the wheel can be costly. Inside your wheel, your brake drum or disk is at risk of rusting due to it being made out of cast iron. Beyond your brake disk, if your wheel bearings are not properly greased, weather conditions can cause rusting here too. Your tyres deteriorate through exposure to heat, sunlight (UV rays) and also rain. Should your tyres suffer from these issues, you’ll need to visit the mechanic and this will of course cost you money. Although deterioration is not completely avoidable while using the car, you can protect your wheels while stationary. Our ‘Voyager’ wheel covers offer superb protection. They are easy to fit and remove with an elasticated double stitched hem. The hem can be pulled tight around the back of your wheel, which will securely grip onto the wheel without straps or fasteners.
  • Prevention from roadside grit and salt damage
  • Deters wheel theft or vandalism
  • Prevents scratches and scuffs
  • Use with a car cover where wheels are not fully covered or where a cover is not in use
  • Strong, breathable and water resistant
  • High tear resistance
  • Moisture rolls off easily and is not absorbed
  • Made in black to hide brake dust and dirt
  • Complimentary storage bag
  • Set of 4 wheel covers
Voyager covers are light and extremely strong. The cover is made from premium grade Voyager fabric that is water resistant but breathable. This means it’s perfect for surviving extreme conditions. We supply our wheel covers in different sizes to ensure a tight fit for ultimate protection. You will find your wheel rim size on your tyre side wall (see the last image).
  • 10" & 11" wheels
  • 12” & 13” wheels
  • 14” & 16” wheels
  • 17” & 18” wheels
  • 19” & 20" wheels
Protect your wheels by preserving their condition and save time and money doing so.