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Sahara Indoor dust car covers for ZASTAVA

Sahara covers are suitable for in garage use. They are breathable, 100% ultraviolet resistant, protect from sunlight, dust, dirt, annoying little scratches and keep prying eyes from seeing your pride and joy!

They are suitable for year round use and help to keep interiors cool in hot weather. Paint fade is eliminated through UV resistance. Manufactured from a thick, non-woven material. These covers will not deposit fluff on mohair or canvas hooding material. They are also hand and machine washable.

Sturdy underbody securing straps are provided. We also provide special silicone covers that can be fitted over the underbody strap connectors to prevent scratching of paintwork.

  • Breathable fabric to allow moisture & damp to escape.

  • Double stitched seams for strength & long life

  • Underbody securing straps with soft silicone fastener covers

  • Elasticated front and rear hems for snug fit

  • 100% Ultra violet resistant fabric to prevent paint fade

  • Good compressibility takes minimal storage space

  • Separate sturdy storage bag

  • 1 Year warranty on Sahara Covers