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Shop For Your First Car Cover Using Five Handy Tips

Shop For Your First Car Cover Using Five Handy Tips

Buying a car is expensive. Not only do you have to consider the initial asking price of the vehicle, there’s routine maintenance to think about, updates you might want to make, the cost of insurance, road tax and fuelling the vehicle are other expenses you will need to consider.

When it comes to maintenance, regular servicing and bodywork protection are two of the main areas you’ll want to address to help keep your vehicle in pristine condition.

This is where we assist at Storm. We manufacture car covers made from the finest materials, offering products to suit all makes and models, our car cover accessories are designed to be hardwearing, giving your vehicle the best possible protection throughout its lifetime.

We make it easy for you to choose car covers, offering advice and giving you ultimate guides to choosing a car cover through our blog news portal.

To get you started though, when choosing your first car cover, we suggest you try some of these tips.  

Five Tips For Choosing Your First Car Cover

Tip One - Don’t buy cheap covers...

Although it’s tempting to purchase the cheapest car cover you can find, this is probably the most careless thing you could do. Cheap covers are made from flimsy materials, they are unlikely to last long, the chances are they won’t protect your vehicle very well, and you will have to replace them before too long. Cheap covers represent false economy, avoid at all costs.

Tip Two – Get the perfect fit...

To achieve the best results from a car cover always pick the right fit. Badly fitting covers don’t cover all sections of a car. They can slip off, rise up, and leave paintwork exposed the elements. Fit a snug cover and you have peace of mind knowing your vehicle has total exterior protection. Look for covers that are designed to fit your make and model of car.

Tip Three – Pick a breathable cover...

It’s important to choose the right material when you buy a car cover too. Some people buy cheap options without checking what they are made from, it’s only afterwards when they realise their error, by which stage it’s a little too late. Good quality breathable covers dry quickly after rain showers, they leave minimal spotting on bodywork, and they help to prevent moisture becoming trapped directly onto your vehicle’s paintwork.

Tip Four - Find the right type of cover...

It’s only when you start to shop for car covers that you realise how many options are on the market. Products vary from lightweight, luxury and waterproof covers, to indoor options that help to keep dust off your vehicle. Don’t mix this up. Place an indoor cover on a car that’s going to be stored outside and it won’t be protected from the elements, leaving it in a vulnerable position.    

Tip Five – Buy from a reputable dealer...

Shop for covers through a general car autocare store and you have a limited amount of choice. Their products will be okay, but they certainly won’t be tailored items, made from premium quality materials and designed to fit your car like a glove. This is why we suggest you buy car covers from a reputable retailer that specialises in this type of product, like us here at Storm Car Covers! If you care enough about your car you’ll take care to choose a cover that comes from a dedicated dealer.