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Quick Guide: Classic Car Buying

Quick Guide: Classic Car Buying

The classic car market is booming at the moment with plenty of investors spotting brilliant opportunities to purchase vehicles that will only increase in value. Prices for certain classics are though the roof right now, Aston Martin DB5s, E-Type Jaguars, Ferrari GTOs, and even the humble Mini are fetching eye-watering figures at auctions around the country.

Buy a classic vehicle and a car cover is a must. Wherever you store the car, keep it protected from the elements and make sure that paintwork is pristine at all times, with chrome sparkling when you go for a drive.

It might be a little bit daunting when you purchase a classic car for the first time but it’s also exciting as well, as long as you pay heed to some of these factors, you should be fine.

Factors For Classic Car Buying

Choose a model

The beginning of any classic car hunt begins with you choosing the make and model. If you already know the type of car you want to invest in that’s brilliant, you can now start doing your homework. If however, you aren’t sure what type of car to buy, consider how much money you have to spend, which models appeal to you most, and which vehicles are likely to increase in value to give you the greatest return if you ever want to sell the car.

Do the groundwork

Once you have settled on a particular make of car research everything you can about the vehicle. There are plenty of buying guides to be found on the web and they’ll give you insider tips telling you what to look for including specifications, estimated prices, known faults, and what the vehicle is like to live with on a day-to-day basis. Thoroughly research the car and you’ll be forewarned when you go to buy the vehicle.

Who to buy from

There are a number of places to buy classic cars. One option is at auction sites, classic vehicle auctions take place throughout the year, at a host of UK venues. Other options include seller ads in classic car magazines, private sellers on sites like EBay or AutoTrader, owner’s clubs, or showrooms that specialise in this type of vehicle. Plus you can always look for a car at a classic or custom vehicle show, these are great places to meet people, chat about classics, and potentially buy cars for sale.

Where to store the car       

Storing a classic vehicle is one of the biggest obstacles you will face. This could be at a specialist storage solution, a private garage, or outside on your driveway. Consider the security of the vehicle if you keep the car at home, make sure your garage is secure, fit an alarm, or use driveway protection such as parking posts or pull-up bollards to prevent your prized asset from being stolen.

Cover it up

One extra thing to consider when storing a classic car is how you are going to protect the vehicle from dust, bird droppings, or the effects of the winter.

A cover is the ideal solution for all-year usage...

Buy a classic car and not only is it fun, it’s a genuine investment for the future. Should you require a product to keep your vehicle protected throughout the year contact us at Storm, we’re one of the UK’s leading suppliers of quality, bespoke and fitted car covers!