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The Biggest Causes Of Bodywork Damage

The Biggest Causes Of Bodywork Damage

Car covers are one of the simplest solutions if you are worried about leaving your vehicle exposed to the elements. Even if you store a vehicle inside a garage, it’s a shrewd move to cover it up. This way you’ll protect it from dust and other airborne particles that could have a diverse effect on the condition and the appearance of the car.  

Covers give you that extra level of protection, they offer reassurance, and provide peace of mind when your car is left all on its own.

To put this into some type of context, we thought we’d explore some of the more serious issues that can affect your vehicle if you leave it uncovered and fail to protect it in the right way.

Common causes of paint damage


Once your car is uncovered it’s exposed to the elements and whether it’s parked at the side of the road, being driven around town, down a bypass, coastal road or winding country lane, it’s going to be vulnerable and could become the victim of stone chips.

This happens when stones fly up from the road surface and strike the bodywork. In some instances they make contact with glazed areas, causing windscreens to chip, crack or splinter. In a small number of cases, chips are caused by flying garden debris, hitting cars.

Unless you store your car on blocks in a garage, or house it in a museum, chips are inevitable from time to time. Stone chips are easy to fix through a paint specialist, and they can be prevented if you park outside using a car cover.      


Accidental scuffs are another hazard to avoid if you own and drive a car. Supermarket dings, absent-minded parents with prams, poor driving from other road users and driver errors cause scuffs, scrapes and scratches. What’s more, it’s easy to brush against vehicle bodywork when a car is parked on a driveway, or stored in garage as well.

At home incidents such as these are easy to prevent though. Just cover the car whenever it is parked and protect the bodywork this way.  

Water residue

Left to their own devices, water droplets cause long-term problems to the bodywork of vehicles. If moisture becomes trapped it can start to affect the paintwork, chrome becomes stained, and it can ruin reclining hoods on convertible cars.

One way to stop water from being a nuisance is to use a car cover, choose a breathable option that prevents moisture from ruining your vehicle’s paintwork, and keep checking your car if you leave it in storage for any period of time.


Sparrows, seagulls, pigeons and anything that pecks have a knack of finding bright, shiny bodywork and leaving their calling card. Bird droppings are some of the most stubborn items of debris to remove from vehicle paintwork, leave them to harden and they’re a nightmare to remove and can also severely damage paintwork.

The best way to prevent this happening is to slip a car cover over your vehicle whenever you park it on your driveway or take it out of your garage. You can’t prevent birds from leaving deposits, but you can stop them doing this directly onto your paintwork.


Blazing hot sun bleaches paintwork. The effects of being left in the sun for too long are all too easy to see. Protect your car with UV protected covers. Prevent paint from scorching and fading, add a cover and you give your car a barrier which acts as a screen from extreme weather conditions.

Whether it’s sunny outside, raining, or four feet in snow, car covers help you to care for your pride and joy, find out more by contacting us at Storm.