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7 Top Resources for Car Buyers

7 Top Resources for Car Buyers

Cherish cars and you can never have enough resources at your fingertips to help you keep your pride and joy on the road. Anyone with a passion for Porsche or a fetish for Ferraris will undoubtedly lavish love on the car, and want to protect it, maintain it, and keep it in showroom condition at all costs.

Knowing where to find reliable resources to help you buy, maintain and protect your vehicle is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome, so we’ve done a good thing at Storm, we’ve listed seven of what we consider to be the most useful car-related websites, which you might want to use if you are buying or already own a car.    

Good Garage Scheme -

How many times have you been let down by garages? This is a common concern of car owners. Part of the problem is finding an establishment that’s honest, reliable, carries out work to the highest standard, and doesn’t rip you off!

This isn’t always easy. However, the Good Garage Scheme goes someway to rectify this problem.

This is a site that lists recommend garages in your local area, you just enter a postcode and it lists the names and details of trusted garages, they are given feedback and you can read genuine emails from satisfied customers.

If you want to find a car, need parts, or simply want to buy an accessory for your vehicle use eBay Motors for a quick result. All you have to do is search for a car by make and model, you can refine the details, look for motors that are close by, or buy parts either via fixed prices or through the auction format.

Auto Express -

This a brilliant website if you want to read new and used car reviews. Click on the link and you’ll find the latest model cars rated by road test experts, there’s a section for used car reviews, plus detailed videos to help you make shrewd choices when it comes to buying a new car.

Check this site out before you make car choice decisions - it really will help.

Parkers Price Guide -

By their own admission, this is the site for the ‘smarter car buyer’ so it makes perfect sense to use it if you are looking for a new car. Parkers is an online guide designed to save you money on your next car purchase, use this website and you can –

  • Check use car prices when you like

  • Compare makes and models

  • View used values of vehicles from 2007 – 2014

  • Find hot deals

  • Get prices, data and vital information from independent teams of motor trade experts


Need truthful advice about cars? Visit Honest John, he’s the guru of motoring. This site is a treasure trove of information, you can browse questions, search for car-related topics, read frequently asked queries, find good garages, check our car reviews and most importantly, get proper advice from people that know what they are talking about in the motoring industry.

Honest John is dependable and reliable, take a look at this site if you need advice about cars at any point.



AutoTrader -

You can do all the research in the world, but there will come a point when you have to purchase a car and that’s when you need the best resource for vehicle buyers and AutoTrader is hard to beat in this respect. Apparently, somebody chooses to sell their car every 60 seconds through this site, so it’s not a bad starting point if you are looking for a new car.    

Click on the ‘Buying’ section of AutoTrader and finding a motor couldn’t be easier. You can enter specific details if you know the type of car you are looking for or try the new ‘Help me choose the right model’ option if you need a little guidance.



Okay, you’ve bought a new car and you couldn’t be happier, so how are you going to keep the bodywork in pristine condition? Washing, drying and waxing the car will almost certainly help, and so will covering the car with a cover when it’s not in use.

Therefore, find a supplier of quality, bespoke and fitted car covers, this is something we specialise in at Storm. Our covers are known for their hard-wearing durability, they’re a great choice for the following reasons –

  • Maintain Vehicle Shine

  • Prevents UV Rays Damaging Paint

  • Promotes That ‘Just Washed’ Look

  • Prevents Scratches

  • Keeps birds, animals and falling tree debris from damaging your car

  • Helps to Protect your Investment

Get covered and keep your car in showroom condition. Visit our Storm car cover shop to browse product collections and should you require any advice about any of the indoor or outdoor products we stock, don’t hesitate to contact us.