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So You Want To Invest In A Classic Car?

So You Want To Invest In A Classic Car?


So you want to invest in a classic car....

Do you know anything about classic cars? What has prompted you to want to own a classic car, or even start a collection? Are your friends and family accusing you of going through a mid-life crisis? It's probably useful to browse these resources below to see if it's an investment you actually want to make. 

Doing your research 

How much do you really know about the prospect of owning a classic car? How do you know that classic cars are the right investment for you? Have you got the financial resources to become a collector, or are you just looking for something nice you can cruise around in? 



    So you've decided you want to invest in a classic car, but you don't know which brand or model is for you. Does your heart lie with a 2 door convertible or a 4 door sedan? Are you looking for flash or function? If you're a complete novice, or if you like the look of classic cars, but haven't the first clue on price, trends or aesthetics, then check out the links below. 

    Maintaining Your Car 

    There are a few golden rules which are worth observing if you plan on getting a classic car but don't want it to show its age. Hopefully, some of them will be common sense to you already; starting the car up regularly, keeping the fluids topped up, getting the car serviced every month, these are all things which you would hopefully think to do when serving your regular car. When it comes to classic cars, its even more essential. 

    Knowing your brands

    Do you actually know your Mercedes Benz from your VW Beetle? Do you know which vehicles combine aesthetics with performance. You may be a big Top Gear fan, you may like the idea of a classic car, but how do much do you really know about the brands, price ranges. Which car will suit you? 


    Consult the fanatics 

    If you're in doubt, or want to know more about classic cars, want to connect with other automobile fanatics, we've put together this handy guide to some of the bloggers and sites that you may wish to peruse if you are looking to teach yourself about the wonderful world of car fanaticism. 

    The primary contributor is Steph Savill, who is set up the blog to give women drivers useful hints and tips about the motor industry. It also contains car reviews with a USP that they are written by, and for, women. It even has career advice for women in the motor industry. We included this one because we think it deals with classic car ownership from a unique and possibly under-represented angle.


    A more practical resource, this is more for those of you who want to know about the practicalities of car insurance and car ownership; it's not only limited to classic cars. There is a section devoted to classic cars however, and overall it is one of the most comprehensive web resources you could hope to find. 

    Again, a great blog for news, reviews and general opinion pieces on the automotive world, this is a useful resource if you are interested in immersing yourself and generally improving your car knowledge.